Challenge Check-in…

Well since I was last here I challenged myself to eat dinner at the kitchen table instead of in my room-in front of the tv. I have to admit while this was not the most intimidating challenge I was slightly concerned about really completing it and taking something away from it. And while I’m here let me be completely honest Fri/Sat/Sun I did NOT eat at the table. I know…I cheated…well not really. See what had happened was…lol. No, in all honesty I didn’t actually eat dinner on those days, or my dinner was tortilla chips and salsa and black bean hummus. Certainly not worthy of preparing a seat at the table; and I did some paint touch ups on my table and chairs soooooo…..I didn’t want to have a wet paint butt ūüôā

So thus far, what have I taken away from eating at the table?
1. Continue to make my goals realistic and attainable (no sense in challenging myself to eat in the kitchen for 6 months bc that’s not happening! lol). 2. It’s okay if I don’t complete the goal to the “Tee”, no need to spaz out and give up to keep going from where I left off (i.e Fri-Sun). 3. Spending time without the tv at dinner gave me time to think, plan my schedule(upcoming events), read my bible (lessons), got some chores completed, most of all, really allowed my mind to wander and envision dreams for my life ūüôā

Will I continue to eat in the kitchen everyday….umm No haha. But I certainly plan on eating in the kitchen more often.

So what’s next…….??? Well I haven’t finished a book in a long time (after grad school I PAUSED…lol). I also need to work on some crafty projects. So once I decide what I’m reading and working on I’ll check back in.

Until then………make it a great day on PURPOSE!!


Baby steps…….don’t just start but FINISH!!!

So as I begin my quest to find out my true passion of life I started thinking…I probably need to start doing things a little differently. Not extreme…but little steps here and there. Why? because I don’t think I’ll get any where or make any type of substantial progress if if I keep everything the same. I actually had this ephipany on Tuesday while I was cooking dinner (which by the way was extremely delicious! Chipotle penne pasta with Italian turkey sausage with pops of peas and R/Y peppers).¬†I secretly sometimes think I may be Rachel Ray or Ina Garten lol. Oh and let’s not forget the extremely delicious glass of soft red wine to accompany that meal.¬†Well anyway before I get too off track I decided while I was cooking “hmm….maybe I’ll eat dinner in the kitchen today instead of eating in my room in front of the tv”.¬† So I did just that. Well, while I was still on my high horse of completing my first blog entry earlier that same day I got the bright idea to challenge myself to eat at the kitchen table for one whole week.¬†Now, I know someone may say “okay so you’re eating at the kitchen table Whoopdido….Big Deal’.¬†Well I beg your pardon for a single peson with no children I believe it is somewhat of a big deal.¬† With dinner there is usually noise (Conversation, tv, laughter, screaming <—–ok maybe I’m reaching but you get my point).¬† The point is I have gotten so used to eating in front of the tv that I think it steals a lot of my time. And while I certainly enjoy my own company I can be quite hilarious at times, the tv usually wins at dinner (unless of course I’m entertaining *wink*).¬†Eating dinner with no distractions¬†could allow me to use that time to think, develop plans, handle business, things to do list(<—-I ‚̧ these)¬†etc, ALL of which will help me in less procrastinating. Yes, I’m PROCRASTINATING PATTY, nice to meet you!¬† Before you know it one tv show turns into 4 and now it’s time for bed AND I don’t feel like I have accomplished much.

So now that I’ve challenged myself to this what was the next step you ask? Well tell ALL of social media of course because in this present day we can’t allow ourselves to move too much to the right to sneeze without posting about it (Yes, I’m afraid I’m guilty too). But the good thing about this (for me anyway) is that by posting this challenge on social media it gives me an accountability factor.¬† Yes, again nothing major I’m eating dinner at my kitchen table and not in front of the tv, I’m certainly not challeging myself to¬†try to speak Mandarin fluently by March. But it is important for me on my quest to find my greatest passion to FINISH the things I start.¬† I have always been a great starter I don’t know¬† if I’m such a great finisher. Well excluding college/grad school and specific projects in the moment.¬† Overall once I get the thrill of figuring out that I can do something and perhaps even a few times I think it’s fair to stay I usually don’t stick with it for the long haul, hence why I’m not sure what’s the one/two things I’m really good at doing.¬† I may visit it every now and then.

And while I don’t anticipate or wish to eat dinner at the kitchen table by myself everynight I think this practice will allow me to do it more often than I have been ultimatley giving me space and opportunity for new things.¬† Maybe the less time I spend watching someone perfect their passion/craft and get paid for it I can put towards finding and develping mine.

The Beginning………

Well let’s see….where shall I begin….? Let’s start here….Hi I’m Wendy!! Welcome to my blog….”Pieces of Me”. ¬†What exactly is Pieces of Me you ask? Good question because we are going to figure it out together. Interested in being a passenger on my journey to find my passion?¬†

This all begin with two pressing questions and interests I’ve had for a long time: 1. Having an interest in blogging; and 2. Figuring out my passion<—–million dollar question. Well one would think these are two easy solutions right? Start a blogging account and start doing what you love….SIMPLE!!…..uhhh….NO!!! Why you ask? because I am so much more complex, complicated and over analytic than a SIMPLE answer LOL. Seriously, what I struggle with is (not tooting my own horn…but toot toot) I am actually good at a myriad of things. Again, most would say okay soooo what’s the problem? Pick one of those myriad of things and keep it moving…stop tripping. But ahhh….please go back to the aforementioned….me…complicated….complex….remember?? Okay, now you’re with me. ¬†¬†

I’ve often been referred to as a “Jack of ALL trades” while most wouldn’t dare to complete the sentence I shall because I’m a realist…..what good is a Jack of ALL trades…if you’re a “Master of NONE”. Okay, I know what you are thinking, Wendy, relax you are being overly dramatic about this and too hard on yourself; perhaps, but what if I’m not? The way I think is it’s GREAT to be able to put your hands in/on a little bit of everything BUT isn’t it even BETTER to be able to be known for that ONE THING? What’s that ONE THING that you do and do well? As a matter of fact you do it BETTER than WELL. ¬†Have you started pondering about your gift/talent yet? Yep…that’s what I want…that’s one of my long desires, to find that ONE THING that I’m not just decent at but GREAT! (well that I can share with the world anyway….hehe you know where this could go….hehehe)

So speed up some (are you keeping up with me?…..I move fast). What does that have to do with the blog, Wendy. ¬†Glad you asked! Most people blog about what they are GOOD/GREAT at doing (with the exception of some really randoms floating out there…but hey who am I to tell them otherwise). ¬†So anyway, I put a question on one of my social media pages inquiring ideas (topics) about a possible blog. ¬†Well I got a few different ideas (all good) but there was one that stuck out the most for me. ¬†Totally paraphrasing but how I believe EYE remember it was “Wendy, you are a AWESOME, SPECTACULAR, DYNAMIC person *wink…hey this is my blog I can remember how I want lol*…you are really good at so many things I’m sure you could write about a lot of things”. ¬†Eureka!!!! STOP the Presses!!! Holy Sugar Cane Batman!! They are right, I am good at many things so why can’t I write about those very things that I’m good at with incorporating some new things I want to experience and see if I’m able to find that ONE THING! What’s the worse that could happen I find out that I suck at nothing (hehehe….close your mouth I’m joking….even I’m not that self absorbed). But seriously, I spend so much time speaking into other people’s life that I realized I don’t allow myself the same allotted time, space or energy to figure all of my own layers out. ¬†Truth is while I love helping and encouraging other people it can sometimes be a little draining (hence why I have very little time to figure all of me out) but it’s also comforting because it gives me an excuse to not figure out my unknowns. ¬†Which I know….I know…stop shaking your head at me, it’s a poor excuse (Excuses are the tools of incompetence…) and I need to do better…I know…I know. That’s why I’m here. ¬†If I had to be completely honest….I mean completely honest….*looks to the left and right to see who is eaves dropping* I am…eh hem..whispers….afraid to fail. ¬†Okay, I won’t totally punk out I will speak above a whisper BUT I’m not ready to shout at the mountain top. ¬†I’m Afraid to Fail. ¬†*mountain top shout would have been ALL CAPS* Just for future references. But seriously, I don’t think most people like the idea of failing and before you tell me, I cognitively understand that failing does not have to be bad…I get it…I really do BUT I still have never liked it (ME NO LIKEY). ¬†However the older I’m getting, the wiser I’ve become (check out ALL the gray strands of hair for evidence of my wisdom haha), the more I look at successful people I know failing doesn’t have to be viewed as negative but a process, a way for me to find out what I need to improve. ¬†I than began to think….Who the hell do I think I am that I can’t fail and have to be good at everything? A little self righteous, huh? Okay, so I take the self absorbed comment back above….maybe I am….just a little….a little tiny minuscule bit.¬†

So before before I continue rambling on and providing a self counseling session and giving myself tissues for my issues….“Pieces of Me” is going to serve as a place for me to share my journey of the different pieces of myself. ¬†My goal is to continue doing those things that interest me, that I like and love….Cooking, baking, decorating, arts&crafts, designing (clothes, shoes, jewelry), home improvement and many more. ¬†But also allowing myself to try new things that have peaked my interest or that I’ve never really committed too…like..Sewing, dancing (ballroom, stepping), travel by myself. ¬†And of course lastly, to attempt those things that I want and need to do but I’m afraid to take the chance because I’m afraid of failing…..take my counseling license exam, open a business, express my feelings with no regret.¬†

More than anything I’m ready to step out of the “box” that I have allowed so many to keep me in. ¬†BTW….that box is figurative…please do not call 911 and send them to my house no one is keeping me in a box LOL. But seriously, I want to do even more things than I have already experienced BUT more importantly have little to no regrets about them. ¬†So, when I take up sewing and I end up making a Gordon Gartrell shirt like Denise did on the Cosby Show, I don’t want to be down in the dumps about it I want to be PROUD about my One of a Kind Gordon Gartrell shirt….Lol.

I hope while I’m figuring out the Pieces of Me…..some one else may also get inspired to figure of the Pieces of them….

Check out the video I posted by Ledisi….Pieces of Me. ¬†It’s my theme song of the year and pretty much sums up what I hope this journey will encompass.


Take care,